6 Smart Reasons To Try Treat Depression Without Medication 1

6 Smart Reasons To Try Treat Depression Without Medication

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Depression is a continuous and long-standing feeling of low mood and anxiety. In addition, there is a sense of low self-esteem in the person suffering from depression, as well as constant depletion of energy levels, without any specific reason to ascribe to it.

These are largely the symptoms of depression, which, if not treated properly, may lead to what is known as Clinical Depression. 

It is however a better and a safer bet to treat depression without medication. The reason for this is that taking regular medication can cause you to get dependent on those anti-depression meds and relaxants. This is not good.

What methods can I use to treat depression without medication?

It is ideal to use aromatherapy for treatment of symptoms related to depression without using medication. As a known alternative to medicine, it induces pain relief, a feeling of safety for the all-consuming dark cloud of depression and it triggers cognitive function. 

Another great way to help depression is social interaction that has regimented schedules for exercise and social mingling. Spend time with friends and family. They will support you and help you. Social contact is very important to avoid a downward spiral.

People on depression medication suffer from the paranoia that they will fall back to anxious and moody routines associated with depression. So how about taking the middle part out, the medication, and replace it with a mood diary. A mood diary deals with the same medication induced scares but also gives it a perspective and a framework. By writing the fears down you can distinguish the depression triggers.

Don’t feel like writing? Not your thing or it doesn’t work for you? Burn some essential oils and induce an all body healing experiencetreat depression without medication

Another smart approach to treating depression is to engage in a holistic philosophy. A holistic plan mends the mind as well as the body.

Diet and exercise keep the body healthy, thus eliminating possible other cases of depression. Use regular exercise to treat depression without medication and stay healthy at the same time.

Try talk therapy. Both cognitive and interpersonal treatments related to talk therapy are known to repel negative thoughts and promote happiness and security in relationships. The thing that makes the talk therapy dominate over medication, is that its continuous use is exceptionally beneficial, and can be continued over a period of weeks and years.

Hopefully these different methods can prove useful to you in order to treat depression without medication. It is important to always consult your doctor before making any decision like this. Some people may experience extreme depression where medication sadly is the only thing that works. Other people may have mild symptoms of depression and the above methods can really help to relieve them of those horrible feelings. Try them out and see what works for you.

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