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Are essential oil diffusers safe for cats?

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We love cats, and keeping them safe is very important. When it comes to using an essential oil diffuser around your cat, you have to be careful. There is only a shortlist of essential oils that are beneficial for your cat but a longer list of oils that could potentially cause issues.

Yes, essential oil diffusers are safe to use around cats when used in moderation. Diffusing oil dilutes it which is much safer than direct application. When using your diffuser always make sure there is a way for your cat to leave the room.

To find out which essential oils are safe for your cat and what benefits they bring, please continue reading below. We will also go in-depth about oils that can be harmful and the side effects of essential oils so that you can recognise essential oil poisoning in cats.

Safe Essential Oils for Cats

These are the essential oils that you can use if you have a cat as your pet:

  • lavender
  • copaiba
  • helichrysum
  • frankincense

Each type of essential oil has specific benefits. Let’s dive deeper into the different essential oils below so you can make the decision what oil you may want to try next.

The Benefits of Lavander Essential Oil for Cats

We all have bugs around the house. Some are so small we can’t even see them. No matter how much we clean, they are always there. From time to time these little bugs will leave the skin under your cat’s fur inflamed with bites.

Lavender oils have an excellent benefit that helps fight the inflammation on all sorts of bites. Just with a few drops or sprays of the diffuser and your cat’s skin will be less irritated and inflamed.

A good quality lavender essential oil can also help if you have an elderly cat that is losing more and more of its fur. This essential oil is one of the best at dealing with the loss of hair for both humans and animals alike.

This oil has healing properties to help to treat wounds or fight off fungus infection in your cat.

The Benefits of Copaiba Essential Oil for Cats

If you ever wondered about the safety of essential oil diffusers for cats, then using Copaiba essential oils is the most resounding YES to that question. There are numerous benefits for both cats and humans that come about after using this essential oil.

If your cat is experiencing a lot of pain, you should try using copaiba essential oil. One of it’s most significant benefits is to relieve all kinds of pain.

It can also be used in the case of mild bladder or throat infections. Much like the lavender essential oil that we have mentioned previously, the copaiba essential oil has potent anti-inflammatory properties.

In a study done in 2018, it has shown that the regular use and appliance of copaiba essential oil can significantly reduce the chances of your cat developing colon cancer or other colon related issues.

The Benefits of Helichrysum Essential Oil for Cats

Helichrysum essential oil has some of the most potent antibacterial properties in the plant world. In other words, if your pet is prone to infections caused by bacteria, funguses, or viruses, your best option to fight those chronic problems for your pet is using Helichrysum essential oil.

Sometimes we are too nice and spoil our pet. This can lead to them becoming overweight. If your cat struggled with weight issues, the helichrysum essential oil is a great place to start its recovery to a healthy weight. It does so by stabilising both the insulin levels and insulin resistance in animals. Try this essential oil to ensure your cat lives a longer and better life.

The Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil for Cats

Both cats and humans have more and more issues with their joints as they age. Agility and flexibility are what makes a cat, a cat. So to counter the negativity that ageing brings, use frankincense essential oil.

One of its most significant benefits is the promotion of healthy joints, as well as the prevention of arthritis. In addition to that, it will strengthen the bones and fight potential osteoporosis as well.

Based on its potent anti-inflammatory properties, it can also promote the health and healing of your cat’s gut. Cats with ulcers benefit greatly from this essential oil.

There have been numerous studies done on this. The majority of them have given us the same conclusion: Frankincense essential oils are great at fighting gut issues.

Apart from the gut, it can also help with breathing issues that your cat might have. Traditionally people have been using this essential oil to deal with bronchitis and other similar health issues. Modern science has done its studies and concluded that Frankincense helps with those issues.

Signs of Essential Oil Poisoning in Cats

These are the symptoms that might indicate that your lovely furry pet is experiencing poisoning from essential oils. Again, we have to repeat; if your cat is not in direct contact with the diffuser for an extended period in a confined room, these symptoms might be an indication of some other health issue, not related to your use of essential oils.

Always check with your veterinarian if your cat has any symptoms listed below. These are the most common symptoms of essential oil poisoning in cats:

  • Drooling around the house and various objects
  • Vomiting quite often
  • Laziness and general lack of energy
  • Breathing issues that sound like there is something stuck in the throat
  • Uncontrollable shakes and sudden shivers

Now, if you are using a diffuser, there is a minimal chance that your cat could be poisoned by essential oils because the oil gets diluted. Essential oil poisoning in cats is very rare.

Never confine your cat to the same room as the oil diffuser, especially if it is a small room. Even though the essential oil gets diluted when using the diffuser, it can increase the risk of essential oil poisoning when your cat gets exposed over a long period.

Always give your cat a way out of the room to minimise any risk to harm your pet and give it the benefits of essential oils instead.

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