How To Combine Meditation and Aromatherapy to help with Depression 1

How To Combine Meditation and Aromatherapy to help with Depression

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Depression is not only a disease, it a cage. A cage which blocks all the good out and makes you suffer in the negativity that is your life. Depression is on the rise in most parts of the world. So, how do you treat it?


There is medication available, but they are not without their side-effects which are sometimes very serious. So, how do we treat it? How do we help ourselves out of depression?


Meditation is the practice of relaxing the mind by controlling our thoughts. It helps improve concentration, lower anxiety and promote wellness.


Aromatherapy is using natural organic compounds to alleviate
your health and relax your mind.


Research has shown that meditation helps people cope better with life and even traumatic instances. It helps restore the balance to the mind.


Aromatherapy creates a soothing, relaxing and uplifting environment which eases the mind and the body.How To Combine Meditation and Aromatherapy to help with Depression 2

How do you combine meditation and aromatherapy to help depression?

The combination of aromatherapy and meditation is a marriage of balance and relaxation. Meditation, when combined with aromatherapy, creates a safe environment for the person suffering from depression. To help with depression, you should combine meditation and aromatherapy and practise regularly. The first step in this is to create a soothing environment. For this, pick a quiet room with as few as possible distractions. The room should be one where you feel completely relaxed and at home. The second step is to choose the right aroma for aromatherapy, but this will vary from person to person. Preferably, the fragrance should be soothing and not too strong. Some good examples of this are Lavender Essential oil, Sage Essential oil, and Frankincense Essential Oil. Using a blend of all of these is also great to help with depression. This blend is then put in a diffuser which spreads the fragrance of the oils in your safe environment. Aromatherapy needs some time for the oils to diffuse throughout the room; hence this should be completed at least half an hour before meditation. You can start meditating when the essential oils have fully diffused in the room you are using. The meditation could be a guided one for extra benefit. Try to take in the fragrance and lose your thoughts with each breath. Meditating like this will calm the mind and help you find inner peace, thereby helping you with depression.

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