DoTerra Essential oils for depression

What are the best DoTerra essential oils for depression?

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These times are tough for everyone. This global pandemic has made a lot of people suffer. If your daily life is full of negativity, anxiety, or depression then try the below DoTerra essential oils for depression. These essential oils will improve your state of mind and help with some of the symptoms. The best thing is that these oils are 100% natural. Let’s look at some of the best DoTerra essential oils for depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

What are the best DoTerra essential oils for depression? 1DoTerra Lavender Essential Oil

The lavender plant has been highly regarded as long as there was civilization. Some cultures have goon even further and considered it a holy plant. It has many benefits, and all those benefits are pushed to their maximum in the DoTerra Lavender Essential Oil.

In some cultures, this plant What are the best DoTerra essential oils for depression? 2was known as the great stabilizing force in the life of a family. You can do the same with its essential oil form. Just use it and let its powerful, cleansing fragrance take over your senses. 

You will start to relax, be calmer and bit by bit, with every inhalation of this essential oil you will feel more and more burden slipping off your tired, strained and bent shoulders. This will help you form clearer thoughts since your depression won’t cloud your mind anymore. 

But that is not all that the DoTerra Lavender Essential Oil brings. This wonderful essential oil has been known to help with other maladies, not just depression, such as insomnia, headaches and such.

What are the best DoTerra Essential Oils for Anxiety?

DoTerra Lemon Essential Oil

Anxiety is a widespread problem at this age. And with this pandemic, it has only gotten worse. More and more people are dealing with it, struggling to put their lives under control. Anxiety is something that is hard to suppress, something that can even destroy the modern man or woman. But you can fight against it. 

Lemon essential What are the best DoTerra essential oils for depression? 3oils are one of the best ways to combat anxiety, if you are looking for safe, tested and natural remedies. The smell of this essential oil is refreshing and calming. Cultures in the past have used it to boost moods but also to improve determination and motivation in individuals. What are the best DoTerra essential oils for depression? 4

The acidic, refreshing flavour helps to get your anxiety into check. Your mind and body will start to calm down as you start to feel its fragrance. Your senses will normalize. You will begin to form clear thoughts, no longer clouded by the burden of anxiety.

But the DoTerra Lemon essential oil brings even more benefits to your life. One of the biggest benefits of this essential oil is its boost to your skin, hair, nails and immune system. This oil is rich in minerals and vitamins, vitamin C most of all. 

It can also help your body to absorb iron, lose weight, lower your blood pressure and decrease the chances of developing certain types of cancer.

DoTerra Frankincense Essential Oil

While one of the main benefits of Frankincense essential oil is the successful decrease of anxiety, it packs a lot of more benefits. One of the causes of anxiety can also be an unhealthy diet full of oxidants. DoTerra Frankincense essential oil can be the perfect weapon to combat this issue. 

This essential oil also has very strong anti-oxidant properties. It is also a great way to combat inflammation all over our bodies. It can combat mild fungal infections, or be used as some sort of prevention to stop a potential fungal infection.

What are the best DoTerra essential oils for depression? 5What are the best DoTerra essential oils for depression? 6One of its elements, Pinene, is great to improve the strength and performance of your respiratory system, and we do not need to tell you just how important a powerful and healthy respiratory system is in this day and age. 

It can also help your respiratory system if used in aromatherapy. Any issues you might have with your nasal passage or sinuses could be treated with this essential oil. Its power aroma will clear your nose from congestion and make it easy to breathe. 

Its sweet aroma can function as some sort of sedative. That aroma eases stress and anxiety, bringing overall wellbeing to your mood and body.

If you have sensitive skin that is prone to itchiness, rashes, redness and similar maladies, you can use this essential oil to combat those issues. With its strong anti-inflammatory properties, this essential oil is a prime candidate to improve your skin condition. 

It can also improve the condition of your skin, by giving your pores all the openness that it needs. Finally, it can be used as a first-aid treatment to help with scars and cuts. It does that by promoting the growth of new skin cells.

What is the best DoTerra Essential Oil for Panic Attacks?

DoTerra Peppermint Essential Oil

When you notice that you are about to experience a full-blown panic attack, the most important thing is to brace yourself to something that will both calm you and help you snap out of it. One of the most fragrant essential oils. But that does not mean that the fragrance is too strong or unpleasant, quite the contrary. 

Peppermint essential oil has one of the most pleasant smells. People have used it in centuries past as a treatment to wake people up or to return them to their senses. What are the best DoTerra essential oils for depression? 7What are the best DoTerra essential oils for depression? 8So put a small amount of your DoTerra Peppermint essential oil on your hands, massage them and inhale. Let the powerful fragrance wash over you and your senses, let it lead you. With every wave of powerful fragrance, your sense will regain their calmness, and your panic will vain into non-existence.

But those are not the only benefits of DoTerra Peppermint essential oils, they help with much more. Much like the lavender essential oil, this one also can help ease a pounding or throbbing headache. If you are suffering from indigestion issues or irritable bowel syndrome, you will be wise to start using peppermint essential oil. It has also two important properties, it is highly anti-inflammatory and it helps with menstrual cramps.

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